North Richland Hills' favorite Summer Camp is Now Enrolling

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' only full service, movement based Summer Camp designed specifically with families in mind.

Summer doesn't have to be boring.
MSA's Summer Camp will make your child's Summer amazing


From our staff training, to daily procedures, to how we play in the facility, safety is #1. When children feel safe, they know they can truly be themselves!


Children thrive on structure, and MSA's Summer Camp program is specifically structured to bring out the best in your child. 


There is simply no better Summer Day Camp available for your child than MSA's Summer Camp. Its the *most* fun, hands down!

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Limited Camp Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Programmed Activities

Kids in MSA's Summer Camp get the advantage of a consistent routine of programmed activities, led by caring, high energy staff. They love it!

Amazing Facility 

Your children will beg to come to MSA's Summer Camp because the facility is such a fun place to be. For parents, that's invaluable!

Modern Outlook

With a focus on freedom through structure, personal responsibility, caring interaction, and movement over sedentary activities, MSA's Summer Camp is a modern parent's best choice.

MSA's Summer Camp is built for kids & families

What is MSA's Summer Camp? 

✅ Dedicated, purpose built facility 

✅ Caring, trained team members

✅ Early Drop Off & Late Pickup

✅ Movement Based Activities

✅ Structures, safe and FUN!

What do kids do at camp?

 Indoor and Outdoor Games

 Arts & Crafts

 Park Visits and Outdoor play

 Optional Martial Arts Classes

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Life Skills

Thousands of North Richland Hills parents agree

Parents love MSA's Summer Camp

It's not just kids that love MSA's Summer Camp. Once they see MSA's Summer Camp, parents love it because it's more than just a place to drop the kids off while you're at work; it's a place for kids to belong.

Whether you're a working family who needs care for your child all Summer, or you just want to make your child's Summer amazing, we have you covered. You don't have to plan tons of activities by yourself, and you don't have to settle for "daycare".

North Richland Hills parents agree

Why North Richland Hills parents love MSA's Summer Camp

Early Drop Off & Late Pickup

MSA's Summer Camp was designed by working parents for working parents - with drop off and pickup times that work for you.


Your child will be surrounded by peers and families with the same values and priorities as your own. They'll play together, build friendships and make memories Summer after Summer.

Life Skills

At MSA's Summer Camp, kids get the opportunity to practice life skills like Communication, Team Work and Empathy. Each day they'll grow and learn, step by step. 

Physical Skills

MSA's Summer Camp is more than just a fun place to be when parents are at work- it's proprioception, balance, agility and more. Your child will gain physical skills that will benefit them for life! 

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Limited Camp Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Why Kids Love MSA's Summer Camp

Let's face it: parents have to work. That means most children need somewhere to be over the Summer. But not everyone has access to a private nanny (or even a dependable, affordable baby sitter!)MSA's Summer Camp solves that with consistent, full Summer, full service camp availability. 

But even if you aren't working and your kids just want a fun place to meet friends and make memories, we think they deserve a place they'll love, where they know they're included. MSA's Summer Camp is exactly what they want - here's why:



Why North Richland Hills kids love MSA's Summer Camp

Fantastic Facility

Kids can climb, jump, swing and play in North Richland Hills' most unique kids' facility. With all this play comes increased strength, flexibility, and agility - real benefits for life

Amazing Activities

One of the foundations of our program is staff-led activities. Rather than be left on their own to entertain themselves, kids are led by our team members through awesome age appropriate movement games and activities

They feel "Cool"

Many North Richland Hills parents may be new to MSA Martial Arts, but almost all kids know what is. For kids, MSA's Summer Camp is The place to go to Summer Camp.

They have FUN!

Yes, safety is paramount, structure is foundational, and our program is specifically programmed minute by minute so that everything runs perfectly. But this doesn't mean boring - this means that kids get to relax, feel safe, and have unbelievable fun every day!

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Kids need programs like MSA's Summer Camp now more than ever...

20.4% of kids

In America are obese or are at risk for obesity

To help fight and prevent obesity, kids need to move! The reality though is that our lives aren't setup for movement. With 7+ hour seated school days and busy parent work schedules, it's tough to keep modern kids healthy

8M U.S. Kids

Lead sedentary lives

It's too easy for kids now days to become sedentary and carry that into adulthood. MSA's Summer Camp can help kids learn to love movement, and can fight the seemingly inevitable march of adult onset health issues

40% of Adults

Almost half of Adults are sedentary

More and more it seems inevitable that as kids grow into adults, they slow down and become unhealthy. It doesn't have to be this way, but we have to create healthy movements habits before it's too late.


Our goals for our MSA Martial Arts Summer Campers are the same as your goals as a parent: Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Habits for life!


Having a solid foundation of positivity in your child's life is invaluable. You can't control their experiences everywhere, nor would you want to. But at MSA Martial Arts, you'll know they'll always be good ones.

A Sense of Belonging

At MSA Martial Arts, it doesn't matter if your child isn't the best kid on the team; they'll never ride the bench. They'll always know they're valued members of program, and part of the team, each and every day.

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Limited Camp Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Traditional Childcare vs. MSA Martial Arts's MSA's Summer Camp

Traditional Childcare

Being ignored if you're not the popular kid
Sedentary activities including screentime 
Reduced service hours, closed often
Just an extension of the low energy school year

Traditional childcare isn't right for many families.

For many families, traditional childcare is a last ditch option that works in a pinch; but they know their child deserves better.

MSA's Summer Camp

All kids are always included
Movement based activities; no screentime
Early Drop Off and Late Pickup makes is easy on working family schedules
Amazing, exciting days filled with tons of fun - kids absolutely love it!

MSA's Summer Camp is the perfect solution for familes with Summer Camp needs

All of the benefits of a traditional childcare, but with all of the advantages MSA Martial Arts' unique outlook on children, movement and fun!

What do Actual MSA Martial Arts Parents Say?

We regularly survey our parents to be sure we're offering the best possible service. Here's a sample of the real feedback we get regularly:

Anonymous Feedback:

"My son has been going here for a month now and loves it!"

Anonymous Feedback:

"A great place to take your kids to instill confidence and respect. These guys keep it fun while pushing the kids to learn and advance their skills."

This could be the best thing you've ever done for your child.

Click to see our availability and registration options, then enroll ASAP. You'll see for yourself just how amazing your child's Summer can be. 

MSA's Summer Camp is North Richland Hills' best choice for Summer Camp

Limited Camp Spaces - Enroll ASAP

MSA Martial Arts

6350 Glenview Dr

North Richland Hills,

+1 817-962-8802

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